69th BGJF - The Spiritual Power Showcase "RIT-RICH"

69th BGJF - The Spiritual Power Showcase "RIT-RICH"

With a special focus on the cultural heritage of Thailand, the exhibition highlighted how gemstones have been revered not just for their aesthetic appeal but for their auspiciousness and spiritual potency. This reverence is deeply embedded in Thai culture, a legacy of ancient Indian influences and the Brahmin-Hindu religious practices. The exhibit narrated the tale of gemstones as symbols of status, prosperity, and protection, integral to Thai spirituality and lifestyle.


To mark the Ruby Jubilee of Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair, DITP and GIT proudly presented the exhibition “The Magnificent 40-Year Journey of Brilliance” narrating the history of the Thai gem and jewelry industry under 5 main themes:

(1) GOLDEN LEGACIES: Presented the history and age-old tradition of Thai gold jewelry.
(2) SILVER ADORNMENT: Focused on the journey of the Thai silver jewelry industry.
(3) CREAT IVE SOLITAIRE: Displayed contemporary jewelry that combines innovation with art.
(4) HAUTE JOAILLERIE: Featured high jewelry, creations from leading brands both from Thailand and abroad.
(5) GEMS ALCHEMIST: Narrated the legends of Thai colored gems, highlighting valuable gem

67th The Jewel Wonders Showcase

The Jewel Wonders showcase hosted cutting-edge jewelry showcases, workshops, jewelry-making demonstrations and consumer insights that will shape the gems and jewelry market in the near future.

(1) Neo Heritage: jewelry creations that are made and inspired by traditional artisanship
(2) Circular Jewels: jewelry items that place ethical and environmental concerns at heart from design to production
(3) Metaverse Glam: cutting-edge jewelry creations that redefine the boundaries between the real and digital worlds
(4) Minimal Luxe: simple-yet-luxurious jewelry are currently in high demand among young consumers
(5) Modern Tribe: jewelry creations that are made and inspired by traditional artisanshipmodern silver jewelry created by hill tribe people in the north of Thailand


An exhibition of contemporary silver jewelry from leading brands as well as a showcase of the history of silver jewelry in Thailand. The exhibition features the latest trends in silver jewelry that is catered to niche markets. The selected themes include Generation Silver, Modern Heritage, Fashion Charm, Lifestyle Silverware, and Urban Tribe.


A showcase of unique jewelry of emerging themes which are the target markets that have high growth potential in global markets, including 5 groups, namely:
- High Jewelry: Rare jewelry pieces associated with royals
- Heritage & Craftsmanship: Jewelry with an emphasis on arts, culture and craftsmanship
- Spiritual Power: Jewelry of belief and opulence
- Luxe Men: Jewelry for men
- Beyond Jewelry: Lifestyle items decorated with a variety of precious materials


Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce highlights the craftsmanship of Thai artisans under the theme of “Thailand’s Magic Hands: The Spirit of Jewelry-Making” at The Niche Showcase exhibition featuring 5 product groups with potential for trade in overseas markets:
-High Jewelry: Jewelry associated with royals (The highlight display is the replica of the Great Crown of Victory) made from the model of the crown that Rama IV or His Majesty King Mongkut granted to Napoleon III in 1861, representing the elaborated jewelry-making techniques of Thai artisans, made by Gallery Ver
- Heritage & Craftsmanship: Jewelry representing arts and culture inspired by Thai heritage such as flower garlands and crowns by PHOPHAN JEWELRY
- Spiritual Power: Jewelry of belief and opulence such as jewelry relating to Naga or mythological creatures from brands such as Bobby Gems & Jewelry and Jewel Pelle
- Luxe Men: Jewelry for men from rings, bracelets, to other jewelry items from brands such as Thammada Studio and Phakin
- Beyond Jewelry: Other lifestyle products with an emphasis on gems and jewelry materials from brands such as PHYA and MYSTIC GOLD