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For the past several decades, Thailand has been known among the gems and jewelry industry as the country to source the most beautiful gemstones, from ruby, sapphire to other precious stones in a variety of sizes, colors and origins. Famous for its heat treatment knowledge that has been passed on through the generations of craftsmen in the gems and jewelry industry, the skills and level of handicraft of the workforce in Thailand is hard to match anywhere else in the world.

Not only is the country well-known for its heat treatment process, Thailand is also rich in the art of jewelry making with different provinces throughout the kingdom taking on a different expertise. Kanchanaburi is famous for its blue sapphire, while Chantaburi is a destination for those seeking gemstones. For silver, buyers from countries across the world would head north to Chiangmai, and for gold, Yaowarat or better known as Chinatown is the ultimate hub where all types, sizes and style of gold bars and gold jewelry are traded in the heart of the bustling capital of Bangkok.

From an economic point of view, the gems and jewelry industry in Thailand generates income for over 1.2 million people from upstream to downstream in the industry’s workforce. Export of gems and jewelry accounted for US$ 15,691 million in 2019, the third largest exporting industry after computers and automotives.

With its robust technology, resources and workforce, over the years numerous international jewelry brands have chosen Thailand as a manufacturing base for their products. Experts in the gems and jewelry industry worldwide have attributed Thailand’s attraction as a production hub to its proven manufacturing quality, innovative technology and integrity of the workforce.

Most importantly, the long-established Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, now in its 69th edition, is the ultimate trading platform that has been an important venue for gems and jewelry traders for over three decades. At the fair, buyers, sellers, traders, manufacturers, designers and boutiques gather to source the best gemstones and jewelry while networking and keeping up with the latest trends. Through seminars, exhibitions, and numerous events held at the fair, participants are offered a rare opportunity to seek inspiration and possible new partners for their businesses.

To truly be immersed in the gems and jewelry industry, visit the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair… the world’s leading gems and jewelry destination.