The Rise of Colored Gemstones

Post on : 04 August 2023 14:11:25

The Rise of Colored Gemstones


Diamonds may be many women’s best friends, but today, colored gemstones shine brightly in the eyes of consumers the world over. This is especially true among a new generation of buyers who value diversity and individual identities. As such, Thai colored gems continuously remain a strong contender in the market. Between January and April 2023, colored gemstone exports increased by 93.64 percent compared to the previous year. They are considered the third most exported product in the gems and jewelry category, second only to unwrought gold and pure jewelry. Polished gems, including rubies, sapphires and emeralds, account for the bulk of such exports, and the main markets are Hong Kong, the United States, Italy and France.


Thailand serves as one of the world’s largest trading centers for colored gemstones due to the Kingdom’s location in the heart of the region. Thai craftsmen have also long been known for their techniques in improving the quality of gemstones as well as for expert craftsmanship, producing outstanding colored gemstones unlike anywhere else in the world. Moreover, Thailand hosts some of the largest, most long-standing exhibitions of gem and jewelry products in the world, such as the Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair. This event has been held continuously every year until it has become a destination for gem and jewelry traders from around the world. This year, for the 68th edition, the fair is scheduled for September 6-10, 2023 at a new location, the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center or QSNCC.

Bangkok, 21 July 2023

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