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Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, offers a
showcase of Thai SMEs manufacturers and designers with intricate craftsmanship from across
the country, with an aim to provide an opportunity to participants in order to expand to
overseas markets, while increasing the brands’ exposure and sales. The 63rd Bangkok Gems
& Jewelry Fair is showcasing 123 exhibitors showcasing a variety of products ranging from
gold and silver jewelry, gemstones, to fashion jewelry with unique designs. Highlight brands
are Lek Silver with their handmade silver jewelry which is delicately made with modern
designs and is easy to wear, CKK Shop that showcases jewelry inspired by culture and
different beliefs such as whale’s tail which supports love, or feathers that will help the
wearer eliminate obstacles, and Aclaire with its colored stones to enhance good luck, and
jewelry made from stingray leather that will bring wealth and protect the wearer from harm.