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Business Category : Gemstones , Synthetic Stones
Country : HONG KONG

World leading producer of lab created emerald and bixbite rough. Our emeralds are beautiful deep green color. Because our emeralds are grown in lab they are free of internal blemishes or inclusions that cause natural emerald gemstones to lose their value. Our entire line of emeralds are grown gems rough and are identical both physically, optically and chemically to their mined equivalent.

Booth No. : QQ - 45
Contact Name Olga Anikina
Address 10/F, 145 Connaught Str Central, Dawning House, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Telephone (852) 3065 7773
Mobile (852) 51997025
Email anikina@petra-gems.com
Website www.petra-gems.com