Today, the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair is opened for jewelry lovers!

For those who haven’t pre-registered!

Tomorrow is the day! For those who have been waiting to shop!

It's started!! The first day of the 64th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

The 64th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair HIGHLIGHTS of the day!

The 64th BGJF is officially opened!

Let's explore many more designs of beautiful jewelery that you can own at BGJF64

Meet us at BGJF64 Visit us to choose the 'RIGHT' jewelry for yourself

The 64th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Networking Reception and Jewelry Presentation

BGJF announces the readiness showcasing craftsmanship to the world

BGJF64: Press Conference Presentation

BGJF64: Explore a parade of jewelry designs

BGJF64: The World's Gem and Jewelry Trading Hub

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